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October 2018

Butler shooting shows us where we’ve fallen short

North Carolina’s Voter ID amendment is a 21st century poll tax

September 2018

As Hurricane Florence approaches, Charlotte-area children get a real life lesson in empathy

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August 2018

North Carolina’s principal pay plan does more harm than good

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The myth of school choice in North Carolina

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July 2018

DPI layoffs will hurt North Carolina’s poorest students

June 2018

We need to upgrade our school buildings.  The legislature blew it.

Mecklenburg County budget a chance for commissioners to demonstrate priorities

NC teacher:  Test score says the year was a dismal failure for my student–but it really was ‘a resounding success’

May 2018

How schools are wasting some of their best talent

NC teacher thugs are coming to Raleigh

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For teachers, May 16 about more than paychecks (op-ed version)

For NC teachers it’s about more than the paycheck

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NC Professional Teaching Standards encourage advocacy

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North Carolina teachers ready their megaphones to demand change in priorities

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April 2018

Students need trauma-informed care

March 2018

A teacher was accused of lacking testosterone for opposing giving guns to educators.  Here’s what his 7th graders said about that.

February 2018

Giving teachers guns won’t make schools safer

The legislature passed a temporary class size fix.  But it’s still not enough.

January 2018

Unintended consequences:  Legislation deserves the educator’s touch

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A Defense of Creative Writing in the Age of Standardized Testing

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Catastrophe looms over unfunded class size mandate

Performance pay for educators fails to take into account the true value they add

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December 2017

Peace Corps story translated/published in Albanian (original here)

NC Senate excuses on class size mandate don’t pass smell test


November 2017

Cost of NC Senate inaction on class size mandate


Impact of standardized testing on writing instruction and ability



October 2017

Importance of multiple measures of success in education

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August 2017

Why business principles don’t work in education

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June 2017

Peace Corps bio article

Teacher raises don’t move the needle enough

Changes to retiree health benefits will harm teacher recruitment in NC


May 2017

Too much screen time in our classrooms?




April 2017

Solution to class size legislation debacle just delays the problem for a year

Teacher pay raises are eclipsed by rising health care premiums



March 2017

Peace Corps story about eating a raw goat spleen

Class size legislation may reduce arts/PE offerings


February 2017

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools must do more to protect children of immigrants




December 2016

District plan could weaken award-winning language magnet program


October 2016

Why I stopped assigning homework


August 2016

ESSA may provide opportunity to pay for National Board certification


July 2016

Democracy, not coups, needed in Turkey


June 2016

Background check bill could strip licenses of teachers who protest

Negative impact of standardized testing on our students



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