Charter bill gives Matthews new permission to raise taxes


House Bill 514, a bill introduced by Rep. Bill Brawley which would give the towns of Matthews and Mint Hill authority to create independent schools within Mecklenburg County, does in fact give those towns permission to raise property taxes for the purpose of creating new charter schools.

Section 8 of the bill reads as follows:

SECTION 8. G.S. 160A-209(c) is amended by adding a new subdivision to read:
46 “(8a) Charter schools. – To provide for a charter school operated by the
47 municipality in accordance with Article 14A of Chapter 115C of the General
48 Statutes.”

Section 160A-209(c) of the General Statues lays out 34 purposes for which NC cities have the power to raise taxes.  Brawley’s bill would add reason #35.

It is technically correct that HB 514, by itself, does not automatically raise anyone’s taxes.  But to argue that point in order to get people to support the bill is disingenuous.

The truth is, if HB 514 were to pass, Matthews and Mint Hill would have to raise taxes if they want to open charters–unless they’re willing to eliminate services to free up money to do so.

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