NC Representative again introduces legislation to arm teachers

Cabarrus County Representative and proud NRA member Larry Pittman has once again introduced legislation to arm teachers.  Filed this week, the School Defense Act would authorize full and part-time school employees to carry firearms in our schools.

Pittman’s last effort to put guns in the hands of teachers came in the wake of last year’s Parkland massacre, where 17 lost their lives and an armed security officer declined to enter the school building and engage the shooter.  

At the time, Pittman urged fellow lawmakers to support his legislation, saying

We need to allow teachers, other school personnel and other citizens, who are willing, to be screened and to receive tactical training and bring their weapons to school, in cooperation with local law enforcement who would need to be informed as to who is doing this. We should give them a fighting chance. Otherwise, when they die, and children die whom they could have defended, their blood will be on our hands. I cannot accept that. I hope you will think this through and find that you cannot accept it, either.

A recent national survey of educators found that more than 95% did not believe that teachers should carry a gun in the classroom.

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