DPI releases documents showing NC Superintendent Mark Johnson lied about K-3 screener procurement

Late Friday afternoon the Department of Public Instruction finally responded to Lord knows how many requests by the public seeking records about the mClass/Istation procurement process.

The documents DPI made available confirm claims made by former DPI Division Director of Integrated Academic and Behavior Services Amy Jablonski that the initial Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation committee recommended that DPI adopt mClass as the tool to evaluate K-3 reading achievement as required under Read to Achieve.

They also show that both NC Superintendent Mark Johnson and his staff were lying when they said the team had not recommended mClass.

When the controversy first broke over Superintendent Mark Johnson unilaterally selecting Istation, DPI spokeswoman Jacqueline Wyatt denied to the Raleigh News & Observer that the RFP committee had reached a consensus and recommended mClass. In an email to representatives of the North Carolina School Superintendents Association, Johnson repeated the claim, saying “No consensus was reached by the RFP evaluation committee, so there was no recommendation.”

The documents released today after weeks of pressure by the public clearly show that the evaluation committee recommended Amplify as its number 1 choice in nearly every category and easily first overall.

You can see the relevant portion of the released documents below. A complete upload of what DPI released (including some caveats by Mark Johnson) is posted here.


13 thoughts on “DPI releases documents showing NC Superintendent Mark Johnson lied about K-3 screener procurement

  1. Wow – those consensus votes are eye-opening! Most of the votes for Amplify are 11 Yes or similar, while some of the iStation votes are 11 NO! If I may make a suggestion, I would love to see a blog post that delves into those consensus votes and puts them into a table format.

  2. So what happens now? He has been caught in many lies, sending out false proganda and not demonstrating a true best interest in the students or the teachers! Isn’t there a way to impeach him? He is clearly not appropriately suited for this position!!!!
    A very concerned parent and school based therapist!

  3. Mark Johnson should resign after blatantly lying to the citizens of the state he supposedly works for. His job requires him to serve the students of North Carolina to the highest degree…he has failed in that regard. He can do what’s best now for these students by resigning!

  4. I would assume the “Overall Rank” is based on averaging the individual ranks:

    Amplify individual rank: 1+1+1+4+1+4=12 then 12/6= 2 Average rank = 2
    iStation individual rank: 2+2+2+1+1+1=9 then 9/6 = 1.5 Average rank = 1.5

    So I don’t understand why this table has Amplify as #1. Plus Amplify was ranked #4 in two categories. iStation was ranked 1 or 2 in every category.

    I’m not saying iStation is good or not, but the data you are presenting shows that iStation should have the overall ranking of 1 and that having Amplify with an overall ranking of 1 was an error in math.

    • Ranking was not based on averaging. The team looked at the entirety of the product and all the requirements and had a conversation which led to a final rank. They did not simply average the numbers.

  5. If a teacher did these things ( lie to a parent, principal, misrepresent documents, etc…) I have no doubt there would be consequences. As educators and people who invest their lives in doing what is best for children, we owe it to the students to put their needs first and make sure what is best for them is done and not what is best for SOME adults. No person should hold such an important office with no experience with children or who have never been in the classroom. Walking through a school or reading a book to a class does not make you an expert on education! This is a disgrace!!

  6. After teaching in many settings for over 35+ years, there should NEVER be someone who does not have experience in the field being part ANY educational decision-making for our entire state. He has no credibility in any of NC educators eyes, and after so blatant a lie, should step down immediately. His obvious motivation is not based on what is best for children, but what is best for Mark Johnson. What a sad state of affairs (once again) for NC students, families and teachers.

  7. If I lied to my parents, my students and all others stakeholders in the educational community in which I serve, I’d lose my job✔️

  8. Sounds like taxpayers and also students would have standing for a lawsuit against the Superintendent.

    Unfortunately, no one up and reigns when caught and called out in corruption these days.

  9. So when will DPI break the iStation contract and either make one with Amplify, continue one with them while a new RFP is undertaken or place things on hold until things are sorted out ? We certainly should not be proceeding with iStation given all that has come out regarding the deceit surrounding this whole situation. And yes, I agree that Mr. Johnson should be removed from the position he has proven himself so unworthy of holding. As many have stated, if a teacher were to have acted as this man has, they would be quickly terminated. Is he not held to the same ethical code that we all are? This is not a political situation- it is an ethical one…and perhaps a legal one.

  10. Well, if it is possible that he changed his mind, then he should have been man enough to admit it or else IT DOES make him out to be a liar. A person DOES have the right to change their mind, but they should make it well known that the change is going to happen. But when you change your mind without letting the masses know before hand and you just go ahead and say “nope this is what I wanted all along,” then it does make one look like a liar. Am I being too leaniate?

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