Cabarrus Board of Education Vice Chair blames pandemic on COVID-infected “illegal aliens”

Just when you think the Cabarrus Board of Education can’t lower its bar any further…

At tonight’s meeting, Vice Chair Tim Furr blamed the ongoing COVID pandemic on infected “illegal aliens” who are being allowed in by our government and sent all over the United States on buses.

Furr’s racist comments, which are transcribed and captured in video below, were interrupted by an incredulous Keshia Sandidge, who asked, “Are we serious right now? Are we serious right now?” before being admonished by board chair Holly Grimsley.

Furr’s rant:

Until this government keeps illegal aliens by the thousands coming across that border without masks, with COVID, putting ’em on buses, sending ’em all over the United States, we’re just beating our heads against the wall.  Because these numbers are gonna continue to rise, and we’re gonna be having this same discussion day after day and week after week.

17 thoughts on “Cabarrus Board of Education Vice Chair blames pandemic on COVID-infected “illegal aliens”

  1. What type of person do you have elected to your school board… he obviously can’t read the science and he is putting his grandchildren in danger. More and more children are getting covid and thanks to people like him more will!!
    People who are SO PREJUDICE should NOT be the one making any decisions for anyone let alone children .

  2. He should be ashamed of his words, but he probably isn’t. I thought school boards were supposed to be non-partisan (I thought I heard him say he didn’t want to be political…BUT…). SMH

  3. How on Earth could our continuing high COVID numbers be blamed on the illegal immigrants and not on the millions of anti vaxers and anti maskers? Unbelievable that this gentleman is on the board making decisions that could affect our children’s health when he can’t even follow truth and science but instead believes conspiracy theories and lies. We have been back and forth about sending our sons to HRHS but after seeing this, we will keep them at their Charter school.

  4. As I was considering position in Cabarrus County Schools I will no longer. This has to be the most racist. Unintelligent comment from a school board vice chair that I heard yet. The entire comment was politicized and uninformed. I ask myself how could someone who makes decisions on how students are taught , make such an uninformed statement? School districts have to start changing the way in which they ran public schools serves such a diverse group of students and for this racist comment a hispanic student or any student from a third world country should be offended and he needs to be removed. This is a shameful act.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Justin!

    Wow, lately I have just been really bummed out listening to similar stories. I wanted to think that humanity has risen above this.😐

  6. Oh my goodness! The fact that this board member spews conspiracy theories regarding Covid number increases & not the antivaxers & antimaskers is beyond belief. How will we ever get past this horrible pandemic with “leaders” like this putting our teachers, students & staff members in jeopardy. He obviously doesn’t care to follow the actual science behind the pandemic, but instead wants to lay blame on illegal aliens. God help us. If the Monroe, NC school’s recent Covid outbreak is any indication of what we have to look forward to without masking, we’re in big trouble.

  7. This is DISGUSTING! If you think the virus is spreading because of immigrants and not because of SCIENCE/virus mutation you probably shouldn’t be a board member. I guess board members are now excluded from being nonpartisan as well. There is no evidence that migrants are spreading the virus, look it up- I did. I am so sick of the issue of migration being used to divide our country and advance agendas.

  8. I fail to understand what is racist about his comments. They are illegal aliens by definition. They are being bussed all over this country. They are not being tested or given the vaccine prior to them leaving the border. Now this isn’t a school board discussion, but it’s also not racist. The comments won’t help anyone or fix the problem so they probably shouldn’t have been made. Let’s focus on fixing the problems and actual solutions that we can do and stop the political finger pointing

    • Claiming that they are responsible for the rampant spread of Covid makes it racist, as racism is defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.”

    • The word “alien” is no longer used to describe a non-citizen, because it is derogatory and well, racist. Much like the word “moron” is no longer used clinically to describe someone of low IQ, On what data are you basing your claims that undocumented people are not being tested, not being vaccinated, and are being bused all over the country? And by the way, you know who is also not being vaccinated? 50% of citizens, right here in our very country. If you want to focus on fixing problems and actual solutions, there’s where to start.

  9. Hahahahaha!!! OMG… We’ve been showing this clip to everyone at work. Sorry, it’s really not funny. It’s downright embarrassing… Shouldn’t it be a requirement to have at least a high school education to serve on the Board of Education???

  10. To his logic, we shouldn’t bother masking? So even if what he said were true, which it’s NOT- Wouldn’t that be all the more reason to MANDATE MASKS!? How can we have someone so ill informed, blatantly racist and moronic on the board!?
    Clearly he’s not wanting to be a part of the solution, rather he wants to be a part of the problem by making it worse!

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