Antimaskers “overthrow” Buncombe County Board of Education over K-12 mask mandate

You might think you know just how far off the rails the science-denying antimask crowd has gone in its efforts to ensure that students in North Carolina’s schools do not have to take common sense safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID.

You’d be wrong.

At an August 5 meeting where the Buncombe County Board of Education had just voted 4-2 to require masks in schools, audience members launched their own mini-January 6 insurrection, choosing new “board members,” and holding a new vote on the mask issue.

The bizarre charade was orchestrated by a woman identified by the Asheville Citizen-Times as Stephanie Parsons. In the tirade that preceded the “coup,” Parsons claimed the figure of 48% unvaccinated in Buncombe County meant 48% of the population did not agree with the mask mandate. She added that the North Carolina Constitution states “if you are not happy with the government that you are to abolish it,” then went on to unilaterally elect a new board via a method called “whoever is crazy enough to stand up and come down here is elected.”

The new “board” unanimously decided masks would be optional.

You can watch the entire surreal episode below:

5 thoughts on “Antimaskers “overthrow” Buncombe County Board of Education over K-12 mask mandate

  1. One wonders what they think they accomplished by this charade. It’s not like any of this will have an effect outside of their own deluded minds. Their kids will still be required to wear masks in school or be sent home if they refuse. The school board is still in place and will still be making decisions for the district. It’s a bizarre exercise in “revolution” (and a vast misinterpretation of the NC Constitution) to think that they can just oust and replace an elected body because they could gather 30-40 people in a meeting room and say that it’s so. It leaves those of us who have not been infected with the Trumpian virus to wonder what other delusions these people harbor.

  2. Really lady ! As knowlegeble as you are! You are not a teacher. To bring kids to the school without mask does post a threat to the teachers and the children themselves. God help us all with all these renegade people walking thru our lives in the name of freedoom!!

  3. What’s next? No seatbelts? Because those are ‘uncomfortable ‘ as well. And bicycle helmets, car seats, booster seats, and even closed toe shoes. The mask provides extra protection against a plethora of germs.

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