Notorious antisemite Mark Robinson feigns support for Israel in disingenuous bid to win votes

North Carolina’s most notorious antisemite is willing to do whatever it takes to become our next governor. So in the wake of last month’s Hamas attack, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson pulled out all the stops to show everyone just how much he loves Israel.

Robinson waited until actual NC Governor Roy Cooper left for a trip to Japan to hold an “acting governor” dress-up event where he declared North Carolina’s solidarity with Israel.


This week Robinson took his charade on the road, traveling to Israel with the North Carolina chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group that Donald Trump described as “the largest faith based get out the vote organization in modern American history.”

And that’s exactly what Robinson’s actions over the last month are about–his desire to win votes and become the next governor of North Carolina.

Maya Angelou said, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” Since long before he needed votes, Mark Robinson has been showing us exactly who he is.

He’s a man who has repeatedly downplayed the Holocaust, shared antisemitic tropes, and used Yiddish insults to mock Jewish politicians.

In one post, Robinson put quotation marks around the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust, implying the figure was inflated.

In another he referred to discussing Nazis as a waste of time.

And in yet another Robinson called accounts of Jews being taken to concentration camps “hogwash.”

Robinson has called opposition to Donald Trump as a “globalist” conspiracy, employing a term typically used to refer to Jews who are seen as using their elite international connections to weaken Western society–an idea that was at the core of Nazi ideology.

Robinson used antisemitic tropes in a rant against the film Black Panther, which he said was “created by an agnostic Jew and put to film by satanic marxist” before employing the well-worn racist stereotype about Jewish people’s desire for money.

At the press conference last month where he dressed up as governor, Robinson was forced to spend most of his time defending his long history of antisemitic rhetoric to deeply skeptical reporters. The Lieutenant Governor said some of his previous comments were “poorly worded” and did not “convey [his] real sentiments.”

That’s hogwash.

Mark Robinson’s real sentiments are the ones he expressed over and over and over before he needed North Carolinians’ votes.

Don’t fall for the okey doke. The last thing North Carolina needs is an antisemite in the governor’s mansion.

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