Republican running to lead NC’s diverse k-12 schools says “Islam is evil,” Muslims should be banned from elected office

The Republican nominee for North Carolina Superintendent for Public Instruction says “Islam is evil” and Muslims should be banned from holding elected office in the United States.

Michele Morrow pulled off a surprise upset in the March primary, defeating incumbent superintendent Catherine Truitt for the right to represent the Republican Party on November’s general election ballot. She’s a homeschool mother who calls public schools “socialism centers” and “indoctrination centers.” Her presence at the January 6 insurrection and calls for prominent Democrats to be executed have been well documented in the press.

Despite this appalling violent rhetoric and naked disdain for public schools, it’s Michele Morrow’s record on diversity that may be most disqualifying to her effort to lead all K-12 schools in an increasingly diverse state.

I’ve previously shared Morrow’s traumatic trip to Dollar Tree where she had a meltdown over hearing people speaking Spanish.

But Morrow’s intolerance for diversity extends to religious practices as well. She has stated publicly that Islam is evil and should be banned.

She has also called for Islam to be banned outright–not sure how that would work with the Constitution mandating “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”–and she believes no Muslim should be permitted to run for public office.

Islam is practiced by nearly 2 billion people worldwide, and there are more than 130,000 Muslims in North Carolina alone. It’s safe to say the majority of those families send their children to our public schools.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for leading and representing all of North Carolina’s students, not just the white Christian native speakers of English.

Imagine Superintendent Morrow visiting an elementary school and asking the students what they want to be when they grow up. She gets to a little girl wearing a hijab who answers “I’d like to be the first female president of the United States.” How would Morrow respond?

Which languages our students speak and what religions their families choose to practice are at the core of who they are as human beings. We need a superintendent who believes in our Constitution, who respects all of our students and will support them in following their dreams.

That’s not who Michele Morrow is.

On the other side of the ticket is Mo Green. Mr. Green has a long track record of support for education and has led in two of the three largest and most diverse school districts in North Carolina, as deputy superintendent, chief operating officer and general counsel in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and then as superintendent of Guilford County Schools.

You can find out about Green’s campaign here.